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Brochet Team understood from the outset… Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry.

– SomethingANDSomething

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Your new best friend?

It’s probably not something you give a second thought to, but Microsoft Word can make or break your working day…

We understand. Most people only really think about Word when it’s causing them documentation problems and disrupting their workflow.

Luckily, we love nothing better than creating time-saving solutions that address these issues, helping your team to produce stylish documents with an expert edge.

We’re not expecting you to share our enthusiasm, in fact the best result for us is that you won’t even realise you’re using one of our packages. (And that’s what we call a job well done.)

Explore our time-saving templates for:

  • Reports
  • Bids/Proposals
  • Legal agreements
  • Letters
  • Agendas/minutes/memos

Productivity tools
Small and mighty to big hitters

These humble additions to your desktop will make a huge difference to your productivity

Table tool
Square brackets

These are the tools we are proud to say pack the biggest punch when it comes to delivering efficiency, control and accuracy

Brochet Paste
Cross reference
Smart Paste
Legal template suite